New Web App with Search Feature and Advanced Desktop Notifications

The latest version of our Teamplace Web App comes with a powerful search feature and advanced desktop notification functionality.

Fast access to files, folders and comments with the Teamplace Web App.

Find Files Even Faster – Our New Search Feature Can’t find a document amongst your Teamplace projects and files? The new version of our web app puts an end to long searches through all your folders. Simply enter your search term in the search bar and you’ll get an instant list of matching results. You have the choice whether you want to search only your current folder or all your Teamplaces. Never Miss an Activity: Desktop Notifications 2.0 To keep

How to Push your Projects

The new version of the Teamplace web app scores with enhanced Office functionality, live updates and desktop notifications.

Working with the new Teamplace Web App

From now on, Teamplace accelerates your project work even better than before. With the latest version of our web app, we’re introducing notifications and live updates to your desktop. Team members now see immediately how things are progressing in their projects. New files can also be creat-ed directly within Teamplace. This shortens response times, reduces work steps and allows you to complete your projects even faster. Desktop Notifications for New Comments Teamplace now supports desktop notifications. If you enable this

Content Planning with Trello and Teamplace – From an Idea to Publication

If you want to be successful with your content, you cannot ignore content planning. Trello in combination with Teamplace offers a quick and easy solution for editorial teams.

Content Planning with Trello and Teamplace

Content planning requires a feeling for the right topics. But good ideas alone and spontaneous writing, photo’ing or videoing are not enough on their own. In addition to planning the topics, successful content also includes the organized collaborative efforts of the editorial team. In this article we’ll show you an easy way to plan and create content. Trello, a to-do list based on the Kanban principle, enables really dynamic content planning for a team. And with Teamplace, you can connect

Sleepless in Sierra – How to Deactivate your Mac’s Sleep Mode

A Mac that simply switches to sleep mode is not always practical or desirable. But with some caffeine, you can keep your Mac awake and keep it from switching to sleep mode.

How to deactivate your Mac's sleep mode

There are situations we encounter on a daily basis where the Mac is not supposed to go into hibernation if possible. But there is a way to force your Mac to pull an all-nighter for you…if you need it. We’ll show you how to keep your Mac from sleeping, dimming or showing a screensaver. How to Keep your Mac Up Keeping your Mac from hibernating comes in handy when uploading large files to Teamplace, exporting big projects from iMovie etc.,

Never Miss an Appointment Again – Scheduling with Teamplace

Meeting deadlines is one of the biggest challenges in many teams. Our 3 tips along with Teamplace help you and your team to meet every deadline.

Everyone knows them, and most fear them. Whether at work or university, they’re lurking everywhere: Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. The more people who work together, the more complex and confusing it gets. A single delay at one point in the project, has a knock-on effect on the entire team, and of course the overall completion of the entire project. We’ve put together tips for you and your team to make sure you meet every deadline, every time, thanks to Teamplace. Schedule



Conferences and workshops are still one of the best ways to convey new knowledge and exchange experiences. And presentations, handouts and other materials all have their role to play. However, it’s often the case that the presenter would like to provide additional material to the audience. With Teamplace, presentation documents can be easily uploaded making them instantly available to all participants. Easily create a Teamplace and share presentations and handouts with participants After registering at, the presenter or conference

Teamplace Business: Newly Found Freedom to Collaborate

With our new business offer you can experience a completely new dimension of cooperation. Teamplace Business is ideal for all companies that actively engage with customers, service providers or partner companies.

Teamplace Business connects people, devices, and files

Construction planners, agencies, photographers, educational institutions and many more all see instant benefits from Teamplace Business. The solution combines the ease and flexibility of Teamplace with the requirements of daily business use. And not to mention, it’s hosted in Germany and fully in accordance with its strict data protection regulations. Teamplace Business distinguishes between the members of an organization and external users. The members of an organization are simply identified by their e-mail address. But it’s also possible to create

Now Edit Office Documents Together Thanks to Teamplace (Beta)

This new feature is coming as a beta because we just can’t wait to share it with you.

We’re continuing to work hard on the final details and as soon as we are fully satisfied with all the features, we’ll get rid of the beta label. But in the meantime, you can use Teamplace to edit documents directly in your browser! So try it out today. Here’s how easy it is: Select any office document and on the right-hand side, click on the “Edit” pencil icon. A new browser tab opens automatically with the online office app and

Simple Photo Transfers from a Digital Camera, GoPro or iPhone: The Unknown Photo App “Image Capture” for Macs

The benefits of iPhoto quickly fade when you realize that it’s not possible at first glance to save your files to classic folders, and if you take into account that your mac doesn’t provide enough storage for the number of transfers from your own digital camera to an app like iPhoto.

Save Photos in Folders Mac – Import Digital Camera Photos Mac

  Mac users are known to have access to smart and useful tools. The apps provided by Apple such as Photos, iPhoto and iCloud accomplish a lot of work for their users. These tools offer you simple workflows when you transfer pictures and videos: They automatically sort images and videos by event, save the recording date, or automatically recognize the people in the Photos app on Mac.   However, these benefits quickly fade when you realize that it’s not possible

Teamplace is the world’s first cloud storage solution to fully support 360° images and videos.

This Teamplace update allows users to, simply and securely, manage all their 360° images and videos. Teamplace is the world's first cloud storage solution to support the playback of 360° photos and videos. Most 360° cameras are supported out of the box, so all you have to do is upload your 360° content to Teamplace.

Teamplace Update brings 360 view – first 360 cloud storage

Your 360° videos and images can now be displayed within Teamplace. Open 360° videos or images and simply change the perspective with your cursor just like on YouTube and Facebook. View, play and share all your 360° videos and images regardless of manufacturer. Teamplace is the best solution for sharing 360° images and videos privately – even on our mobile apps! Because every free Teamplace has unlimited storage, you won’t need to worry about the usual storage limits on large