Amazon Drive: Looking for an Alternative after the Service Shutdown?

In August, Amazon notified Amazon Drive users that the service would shut down at the end of next year. Read on to learn what actions to take before the service ends and how Teamplace is a good alternative.

Amazon Drive Alternative is Teamplace
Amazon Drive going to be shut down. Users need to find an alternative, such as Teamplace.

The End of Amazon Drive

Cloud solutions make it possible to store, share, and edit files remotely, and to date Amazon Drive has been one of the providers for cloud services. This is expected to change as of December 31, 2023 as Amazon announced at the end of July that no more data uploading will be available from January 31, 2023 and that the service will be completely shut down by the end of that year.

Amazon Drive has been running for around 11 years and is ending as Amazon is shifting its focus towards its photo service. For help with Amazon Photos and managing files and paid subscriptions, users can visit Amazon’s FAQ page.

What Should Happen Before the End of Service?

Amazon Photos will continue to exist and photo and video files can be migrated to that service, yet for all files that are not photo or videos, users will have to look for another provider before December 31, 2023.

Teamplace offers the ideal Amazon Drive alternative as it comes with a generous amount of initial storage space and has features such as quick file previews and support for almost all file formats. Full team folders don’t impact full accounts, and data is stored on secure servers in Germany.

Teamplace as an Amazon Drive Alternative

For those who have been using Amazon Drive for picture and video purposes, not much will change as the files will continue to be available through Amazon even after December 31, 2023. Users who have stored documents on Amazon Drive and shared those with others will have to look for a new solution.

Teamplace is ideal for such a use case as it comes with 2×5 GB of storage space, which is more than enough for typical office and PDF documents, and it’s free. The quick file preview and easy to use apps for iPhone and Android make working with files seamless. Additionally, Teamplaces is the only solution which provides integrations with Libreoffice and Office 365, and also easily allows users to invite others to a Teamplace for file sharing.

Create a free Teamplace account now and discover the benefits of Teamplace as an Amazon Drive alternative for yourself. Start now β†’

Teamplace Account

The ideal Amazon Drive alternative

  • 2 x 5 GB for free!
  • Libre Office & Office 365 Integration
  • Easy document sharing
  • Data protection Made in Germany