Discover Teamplace

Teamplace focuses on teams, their collaboration and simplicity. Here you can find out what we have to offer and how it works.

Create Your Teamplace Account

Get the Teamplace app from your app store or open the web app. Register with your email and choose a secure password. Check your inbox and click “Activate Account” in the email we’ve sent you. That’s it, start now with free file sharing and virtual collaboration.

Set Up Individual Teamplaces for each Team Project

Every time you want to collect pictures with your friends or start a new project with your colleagues, simply create a new team project, we call them Teamplaces, and invite them to virtual collaboration.

Invite Members to Your Teamplace Team Project

To add members to your Teamplaces, you can either invite via Link, Facebook, WhatsApp or an email with a personalized message. What’s really convenient is that every team member can invite more people to join, if you allow it.

Upload Files and Share Them with Each Other

Every member of a specific Teamplace can upload their files – no matter if they’re holiday photos, videos or documents. Everybody who is a member of the team project can access those files, view or download them. That’s free file sharing with Teamplace.

Work Together on Office Files

Libre Office integration means all Teamplace users have access to a powerful office suite. A click on the pencil icon opens the online editor. Users with a suitable Microsoft license can alternatively activate Office 365 in the Teamplace configuration settings.

Comments and Versions

Add comments for your team members to any file. So that nothing is lost when working together, Teamplace automatically saves previous versions of your files so you no longer have to worry about overwritten files. Every file version can be viewed and recovered. This is virtual collaboration.

Activity Streams Keeping You On Board

The more people collaborating together on a team project, the harder it gets to keep track of what’s happening. With Teamplace, all of your shares and projects have their own Activity Stream, which gives you a quick overview of what your team members have been up to recently.

Synchronise Files & Folders with Your Desktop Computer

The Desktop Sync Client allows you to integrate Teamplace as a local directory on your Mac, PC and laptop. This gives you even faster access to Teamplace folders and allows you to view and edit files offline at any time.