Save up to 50 GB for Free!*

Corona Pandemic: Get up to 50 GB storage for home office and online teaching!

If you want to quickly and easily set up a virtual workspace to collaborate in home office or for online teaching during the current difficult circumstances, we are giving you up to 50 GB storage space for free.

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Discover the Ease of Teamplace

Sharing pictures with friends? Collaborating with colleagues? Working on a thesis with your fellow students? Teamplace gives your team projects the perfect home. With just one acccount, you can start as many team projects as you like. Just create a new Teamplace for each project and invite members. Everyone in your team can easily access, share and comment on work from any device. And thanks to the activity stream, nobody ever misses any project developments.


EU-Level Data Protection

As a German company, we adhere strictly to the rigorous data protection laws in place within Germany and the European Union (the EU’s GDPR).

Project-Related Shares

Each user can create a new Teamplace at any time and share it with the relevant project members. The access of users who are not involved in the project is avoided.

Edit Files Online

Presentations, texts, tables, etc. can all be edited directly in the app. Unnecessary up and downloading as well as problems with incompatible Office programs are a thing of the past.

Fast Feedback

With Teamplace, all members can post their comments directly to the file. This makes coordinating very easy and allows you to complete your projects even faster.

Activity Stream

Who last uploaded, edited or commented on a file? The Activity Stream keeps you up to date – both within the app and also via e-mail if desired.

File Versioning

As soon as a file is edited, versions are created automatically. You can easily view and restore all previous versions of a file if necessary.

The Perfect Cloud for:


No matter with your friends, family, sports team, or colleagues – Teamplace lets you easily store, share and work on files.

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Home Office

Create virtual workspaces in a flash and collaborate on shared files with colleagues, partners or customers.

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Working together is best when everyone can contribute. Teamplace makes teamwork in universities and schools so easy.

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Teamplace is the ideal home for both large and small construction projects and already in use with several architects and planners.

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