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Join Teamplace! You get 10 GB of free online storage just for you. Additionally, you can start new team projects with unlimited storage and share with your friends or colleagues any time you want.

Teamplaces – Online Teamwork with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Sharing pictures with friends? Collaborating with colleagues? With Teamplace you can create separate team projects called Teamplaces for exactly these purposes. You invite members to your projects and instantly start file sharing and online teamwork. For each individual project, this is completely free for 90 days. That is more than enough time for nearly all team projects, and your data doesn’t permanently remain in the internet. Of course, you also have the option to save your data anytime you want before your Teamplace runs out.
  • Unlimited cloud storage for each project
  • For each project you have a full 90 days
  • Encrypted on german servers
  • Full German data protection
  • Activity overview
  • File comments
  • Automatic file versions
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Unlimited Cloud Storage for Online Teamwork with Teamplace

Myplace – Your Own 10 GB of Online Storage

Myplace is for your own personal files and is only for access by you alone. This is where you have 10 GB of free and permanent online storage. Thanks to the Teamplace apps, you always have access to important documents, files and of course, your best photos wherever you are.
  • Free & permanent
  • 10 GB of online storage (extendable)
  • Servers located in Germany
  • German data protection
  • Anytime access to your most important files
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Unlimited Cloud Storage Designed for Online Teamwork

With a Teamplace, you enhance any team project, and make sharing files so much easier. With automatically created file versions, you have no problems in accessing a previous version of a file. With file comments, communicating within a team works perfectly and thanks to the activity stream, nobody ever misses any project developments. Learn more about online teamwork with Teamplace in this short video.

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