Every Teamplace Comes with Unlimited Storage

Teamplace is a different type of online storage. In addition to your free and permanent 10 GB storage area, called Myplace, you can create free Teamplaces, which each provide 90 days of unlimited storage.

Every Teamplace is free for 90 Days

So you never need to worry again about running out of storage. You only need to decide after 90 days if you want to extend a Teamplace for a fee, or save the data somehow else. And don’t worry, we’ll let you know in plenty of time before your Teamplace runs out.

Create a Teamplace for each Project

For example, you can save your personal documents up to 10 GB in Myplace and create a Teamplace for the next festival weekend where you invite your friends to share pictures and videos. If you’re working on an important presentation, create another Teamplace to collect content and invite your colleagues to collaborate with each other there. Myplace and the two other Teamplaces are completely independent from each other. And for both those projects, you probably don’t need more than 90 days. When these Teamplaces are due to expire, simple renew them or somehow else save your data.


From day one, Teamplace offered every feature we needed for file sharing. No matter whether it’s the fast exchange of data or working together and commenting on documents, our data is always safe and fully up-to-date. Jonathan Ranzinger, SubEssenz
Such software demands to be compared to know cloud storage services like Dropbox or OneDrive. Neither of these provide similar features like the automatic deletion, or especially no limitations of storage or number of users. – LANline 2016
We’ve used Teamplace right from the start and can’t imagine daily work for our project teams without it. No longer worrying about file sizes, rights management or approvals gives us far more time to focus on our core tasks. Stephan Balzer, CEO, redonion