Tips & Tricks

14 Tips for Recording Video Calls and Interviews

April 19, 2021

If you want to record a video call to publish it later, for example on Youtube or on the company blog, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read More

Teamwork: These four tips will make it successful!

October 16, 2020

In this blog post we give four tips for successful teamwork in the office or home office, away from pure digital equipment. Read More

Great Tips for Motivating Remote Workers

March 20, 2020

Regardless of where you team is operating, you need to be able to keep them motivated. To help combat the common problems that may arise, like demotivation, there are a couple helpful measures which you can consider. Read More

Online Teaching, Corona & School Closures: Learning Made Easy with Teamplace

March 18, 2020

Online teaching during the Corona Virus? Distribute teaching materials, collect worksheets and enable group work is not always easy. Teamplace provides teachers with a platform for digital teaching however that is simple yet effective. Read More

Content Planning with Trello and Teamplace – From an Idea to Publication

April 17, 2018

Content planning requires a feeling for the right topics. But good ideas alone and spontaneous writing, photoing or videoing are not enough on their own. In addition to planning the topics, successful content also includes the organized collaborative efforts of the editorial team. In this article we’ll show you an… Read More

Sleepless in Sierra – How to Deactivate your Mac’s Sleep Mode

March 26, 2018

There are situations we encounter on a daily basis where the Mac is not supposed to go into hibernation if possible. But there is a way to force your Mac to pull an all-nighter for you…if you need it. We’ll show you how to keep your Mac from sleeping, dimming… Read More

Never Miss an Appointment Again – Scheduling with Teamplace

March 12, 2018

Everyone knows them, and most fear them. Whether at work or university, they’re lurking everywhere: Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. The more people who work together, the more complex and confusing it gets. A single delay at one point in the project, has a knock-on effect on the entire team, and… Read More

How Conference Participants Easily Access Presentations and Handouts

December 13, 2017

Conferences and workshops are still one of the best ways to convey new knowledge and exchange experiences. And presentations, handouts and other materials all have their role to play. However, it’s often the case that the presenter would like to provide additional material to the audience. With Teamplace, presentation… Read More

Simple Photo Transfers from a Digital Camera, GoPro or iPhone: The Unknown Photo App “Image Capture” for Macs

April 4, 2017

  Mac users are known to have access to smart and useful tools. The apps provided by Apple such as Photos, iPhoto and iCloud accomplish a lot of work for their users. These tools offer you simple workflows when you transfer pictures and videos: They automatically sort images and… Read More

7 Tips on How to Create Great 360° Pictures and Videos

February 8, 2017

You just have to experience it yourself, what it is like to put on your VR glasses after weeks at the beach and to feel completely like you’re there again. No video or photo panorama can impress as much as that. And unlike combining single images with your mobile… Read More