Team Collaboration: Here Are Some of Our Favorite Tools

Be it in the home office, the corporate office or in a hybrid working scenarios: There are many tools for team collaboration. Here are our favorite apps, which we no longer want to do without.

Wherever we work, good tools for team collaboration are essential.

Microsoft Teams

Initially, we used Microsoft Teams for quick short messages between each other. With the onset of home office due to the Coronavirus, we started using Teams with the camera switched on for our regular meetings. Important documents can be shared and discussed together in the meeting, and if a meeting is particularly important, we record it for colleagues who cannot attend. In various Topic-centred chats, we communicate specifically on certain issues. And when you approve of a post, you can do so quickly and easily with a Like. We will certainly continue to use Microsoft Teams in the post-pandemic period because we believe it is ideal for team collaboration.

Costs: There is a free version, but also a comprehensive Office package including Teams.

Heaven HR

Almost every business needs an app to manage working hours, HR documents, payroll and manage vacation requests and dates. We found what we were looking for with Heaven HR. It’s a cloud-based HR management app. We log in via a browser, record our working hours, apply for time off, submit sick notes or access our pay slips. It’s really very uncomplicated and easy, and as an employee, you have everything you need.

Costs: The costs depend on the module used.

Cortado MDM

Either in the home office or on the road: thanks to the mobile device management solution Cortado MDM that we use, colleagues can also use all essential company apps with their Android devices, iPhones and iPads. The system separates business data from private data and thus ensures compliance with the EU’s Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Meetings via MS Teams can be held on the way to primary school or daycare, and chats can be conducted on the move if time is tight. Actually, with Cortado MDM, almost everything is the same as at the desk, except that it takes place on the smartphone. In our view, this is indispensable for team collaboration.

Costs: An annual subscription for one device costs 45 euros. Minimum purchase 10 devices. Further information can be found here:


We use ClickUp for our project management. Here we create projects, create sub-items or individual work steps, store documents and background information. We also name the responsible people for tasks and set deadlines. ClickUp is a good platform to manage projects easily.

Costs: 5 dollars per month and user. Free trial version available.


We use the online platform Miro as a virtual whiteboard during workshops and brainstorming sessions. It’s relatively intuitive to use, and you can collate and present ideas very well. For us, Miro is definitely one of the tools we use in virtual collaboration.

Costs: Miro offers a free version and a free trial version. The paid version is available from $10.00 per month.


Okay, admitted…. It’s not really that surprising, but Teamplace is actually one of our favorite apps which we like to use professionally, but also time and again privately for bands, sports clubs or even among friends and family to share photos, music or documents.

Teamplace is a cloud storage that specializes in team collaboration. As a solution from the German Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH, Teamplace offers everything that is required in terms of security measures.

You can set up a free Teamplace with up to 5 GB of storage for up to 10 team members. Here you can exchange files in almost any file format with other people from your team. You can edit or comment on files directly in the Teamplace. There is a file preview and numerous office functions for successful collaboration. And an activity stream always lets you know what’s been going on in your Teamplace.

Cost: Free version available.

ezeep Blue

At some point, you always reach the point where you not only want to read documents on the screen, but also print them out. Maybe this is not necessarily the case often, but when you need a printout, you usually need it urgently.

Especially if you work at home, however, printing on local printers is a problem. This is because in the home office you are usually connected to the company via a VPN connection. For security reasons, connections to local devices such as the printer are not possible. This is where ezeep Blue and the ezeep Hub come in handy in our team. Our admin enters the Mac address of the hub into the ezeep management console. This means we can also print from the VPN connection in the home office,

Costs: The rental price for the ezeep Hub is 8.90 euros, ezeep Blue 2.95 euros per per month.


Moss is a solution for issuing virtual credit cards and thus simplifying billing. Real company credit cards, digital invoice management and preparatory accounting can be linked together.

Costs: For small companies, Moss starts at 20 euros per month including 4 active users. Other pricing models can be found on the Moss website.

Have we forgotten your favorite team collaboration tool and would you like us to take a look at it? Then send us an email and we’ll take a look at your nomination.