Our Mission:
Improved Collaboration and Better Exchange among Teams.

The development of the Teamplace idea started back in 2014. Since this time, we have been continuously developing the Teamplace solution with over 20 specialists in Berlin, making cloud storage available for teams on all platforms and always taking advantage of the latest technology. Our goal is to make collaboration and exchange for professional and private scenarios as easy and as convenient as possible.

Try Teamplace out now and connect in just seconds with your friends, colleagues or family.


If you want, we completely delete your data from our servers. Unlike other services that keep your data on their servers, we give our users full control over their data.

Your data remains secure with Teamplace and is kept only on servers in Germany. You benefit directly from German data protection, among the very best in the world. In addition, we encrypt your files for further security during transmission.


Use Teamplace as it best fits your group’s project needs – no matter if you are exchanging vacation photos, working together professionally with large video clips or together with your team on Office documents. Everyone may invite, upload, and participate in the conversation. Thanks to our strict versioning with previous versions always available, data is never accidentally or intentionally overwritten or deleted.


We don’t sell your personal information and will never do it.

We generate income through a small fee we charge if you want to renew an expired team place. It remains your decision and there is no automatic subscription. Forget pay-per-user, with us it’s simply one team project – one low and fair price.