Time to Fly!

NIGHT of the JUMPs and Teamplace join forces to bring you plenty of fun as well as a super useful tool to survive this nearly worldwide lockdown.

Daring jumps and artistic performances are hallmarks of every event (©Foto: NIGHT of the JUMPS)

For NIGHT of the JUMPs fans, Teamplace is providing you with a fully secure and easy to use online storage space. NIGHT of the JUMPs already uses Teamplace to collect all the amazing video footage from the NIGHT of the JUMPs riders!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in our competition to win a drone!

Now that the deadline for entry has passed, the lucky winners will be informed in due course by email. The Teamplace with the pictures of the last NIGHT of the JUMPS is still available, so if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to join.

And now you too can fly with Teamplace 

NIGHT of the JUMPs put together a Teamplace full of exclusive pictures from the last event (private use only, copyright by NIGHT of the JUMPSs). Just use this link to sign up and get access: 

Access the NIGHT of the JUMPs Teamplace with exclusive pictures from the latest event.

(©Foto: NIGHT of the JUMPS)