The Teamplace Bonus Model: Real Rewards for Real Team Players!

Teamplace is the leading cloud storage for teams. Why? No other cloud storage makes it so easy to create a central storage location for numerous team members. And no other cloud storage provider allows new members to get started as quickly as Teamplace.

Teamplayer welcome!
Teamplace rewards team players.

2 x 5 GB Free for You and Your Teams

Teamplace is one of the few options that allow you to use cloud storage for free even with multiple users. Teamplace offers you two workspaces, called Teamplaces, each with 5 GB for free and each for up to 10 users.

Even More Free Teamplaces for Team Players

But that’s not all. We want to reward the real team players among you. That’s why more Teamplaces are unlocked each time you invite more people to your existing Teamplaces.

How many people you have to invite to will be shown within your app. But you can take it that if you add an average of five of your colleagues and friends to your Teamplaces, there aren’t any limits. You’ll get up to ten Teamplaces for ten users with 5 GB each and can use them permanently for free.

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