Online Teaching, Corona & School Closures: Learning Made Easy with Teamplace

March 18, 2020

Online teaching is not always easy. Distributing teaching materials, collecting worksheets and enabling group work can be a challenge: Teamplace however, provides teachers with a platform for digital teaching that is simple yet effective.

Online teaching: Teamplace connects students and teachers in the digital classroom.
Online teaching with Teamplace connects students and teachers in their digital classrooms.

Schools around the world have closed and millions of students are at home because of the Corona virus. Teachers need to enable long-distance, online teaching. They are supposed to digitally provide pupils with information and work material during the Corona crisis in the best possible way.

We found that there are many solutions specifically designed for online teaching content. Teamplace is not that, but Teamplace is impressive because of its simplicity, both in terms of setup and use.

The solution offers an ideal way to quickly distribute and edit teaching content. The requirements for both students and teachers are minimal, both in terms of end devices and internet bandwidth.

GDPR: Secure with Teamplace

With Teamplace, you can be sure in the knowledge that we’ve implemented everything in line with the current European data protection regulations. This is why we deliberately avoid freely sharable links, as these can quickly become a data protection issue for teachers.

This is also fully in line with Unesco’s recommendation for online teaching that a solution that is technically less demanding on users is preferable.

Online Teaching Without Barriers

All that’s needed to use Teamplace is a simple Android phone with a data plan or Wi-Fi access, or a PC equipped with a reasonably up-to-date browser.

Online teaching communication can be asynchronous. This means that students can individually schedule when to complete their tasks. This is especially useful as the Corona crisis places very different demands on the daily routine and time management among families.

With Teamplace and its online teaching capabilities, you can:

  • Distribute teaching materials to a closed group
  • Enable students to work together on documents
  • Create presentations together
  • Discuss documents
  • Upload your own contributions easily
  • Watch education videos: shared and played directly on a smartphone
  • Collect project results
  • And much more…

Each student also receives an overview of all activities each day. And versioning ensures that if two students upload a new version of a document at the same time, you can instantly restore an accidentally overwritten version.

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