Sharing Knowledge & Working Together Made Easy

Teamplace can be used as an education cloud right away. Simply sign up, create a new project folder, we call these Teamplaces, and invite others to join. Members can exchange their files here without any complicated administration. Everyone can upload their own files and make their own contribution, which makes Teamplace one of the best cloud portals for lecturers, students, and their work groups.

Foster Engagement and Communication

With file comments, communication and coordination between group members takes place without any complicated workarounds. All members are instantly notified of a new comment and can respond immediately. In addition, Teamplace prevents that files are lost, for example by overwriting them. In order to avoid this, file versions are created automatically, which can be viewed and restored at any time.

Apps for Any Device – Everyone can Join

Working together is best when everyone can contribute. That’s why Teamplace is available for all major operating systems and devices. No matter if using an Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows 10, iOS devices, or any other device with an internet browser – users only need an internet connection to join in.

Made in Germany Plus German Data Protection

Germany’s Data Protection act is one of the best laws on data protection in the world. This makes us a German company far more secure when it comes to saving your data in the cloud. At Teamplace you are on the safe side as your data and files are fully protected by German law.