The New Teamplace Version Is Available: New Team Features, Bonus Model and Upgrade Plans

Completely redesigned apps make working on your projects even easier.

Every team is unique. To better meet the individual needs of each team, Teamplace is introducing new features and flexible upgrade plans. A new bonus model rewards active users.

Each of our plans includes the proven features that make Teamplace stand out.

New Bonus Model Rewards Active Users

You can continue to use Teamplace for free. Our bonus model rewards team players: the more team members you invite to your projects, the more Teamplaces you can create for free.

If your team grows faster than expected or more space is needed, simply choose the right model for you from any of our flexible options.

New Models for Freelancers, Business and Education 

Our new models are perfectly tailored to the needs of different teams.

Choose between Basic, Pro, Business, or Education, depending on how much storage space and team members you need for your project. Each package can be canceled monthly, ensuring that you have full flexibility.

The new features are available, regardless of the model you choose. Completely redesigned apps for iOS and Android make working on your projects easier. And the new version offers even more:

Synchronization with PC and Mac

Install the Teamplace desktop app on your Mac or PC to access Teamplace files offline. Teamplace is visible as a local drive on your computer and folders and files of your selected project are constantly synchronized.

Individual Sharing and Rights Control – Even When Inviting

To invite your team, all you need to do is create a Teamplace and you can get your team members on board by sending the invitation link. Depending on the rights and roles of members, individual invitation links can be sent and time- or number-limited. Thanks to this  granular rights system, you retain full control over individual members. 

Use Teamplace as a Virtual Data Room

Teamplace enables secure, GDPR-compliant collaboration. For projects that require the highest levels of security or collaboration with external parties, Teamplace offers a perfect virtual data room solution.

Important Information for Active Teamplace Users!

Since we’ve introduced new Teamplace models with the upcoming version, there might be some small changes for you.

Free Teamplaces: Your Teamplaces will all remain. Since the number of free Teamplaces and team members is limited, you may not be able to invite new members to your existing Teamplaces. If you reach this limit, we recommend an upgrade.

Teamplaces that have been upgraded with a bonus code, for example as part of our Corona assistance, will continue to run without restrictions until the end of their term.