Video Analysis in Sports: Game, Set and Match with Teamplace

August 3, 2016

Video Analysis & Cloud for Trainers: Game, Set and Match with Teamplace

The fourth star for the World Cup, the ascension to the first division, the personal best in the high jump – such achievements in professional and semi-professional sports have one thing in common: it is not only training that leads to the goal, but also the analyses and the exchange between coaches and athletes. Numerous tools are used to do this, especially video analysis.


Video analysis – and then what?  

In the classic video analysis setup, the coach sits with his protégés in a darkened room. Scene after scene is shown and your own techniques and tactics as well as those of the opponent are scrutinized and discussed. Some sequences must be played many times in order to illustrate strengths, weaknesses and potential for improvement and to anchor it in the athlete’s mind. This procedure can be very time-consuming, especially in team sports where usually many players are involved in a play.


Due to the digital revolution, video recordings are no longer viewed in their raw form. Before they are shown to the athletes, they are first examined intensively and edited and prepared by the coach or videographer. In the process, the analysis can be directly supplemented in the corresponding video sequences with, for example, notes about a track and field athlete’s posture or a certain play in soccer.


Teamplace – the perfect addition for more effective video analysis…

So if the prepared video already delivers meaningful analyses, why not make them digitally available to the athletes? Whether as a substitute for individual video sessions or as supporting materials for the next session – it is exactly here that Teamplace can help coaches, athletes and entire teams as a simple cloud for trainers. It is easy to explain:

  • Create a free Teamplace quickly and easily
  • Upload up to 5 GB of videos for free
  • Invite individual athletes or all team members

Thus, thanks to the Teamplace cloud for trainers, preparing for the next match or the next game can be done easily on a computer, smartphone or tablet – whenever and wherever you want. Here, an athlete can watch the scenes that concern him individually. Comments on the videos allow additional instructions from the coach to be shared, questions asked and notes given.


… and for all your day-to-day sports needs

In addition to video analysis, Teamplace, as a cloud for trainers, can also help with the numerous challenges in the sports and team day-to-day. For example, to make the game or training schedule easily available via a link. Teamplace is also perfectly suited for collecting photos of the games or tournaments. There are no limits on your imagination.


We would be proud to be able to contribute to your sporting achievements.