Teamplace Update: New Features and Improved Performance thanks to a New Cloud Architecture

December 5, 2016

Teamplace Update: Bessere virtuelle Teamarbeit in der Cloud

With the aim of offering the most advanced cloud storage architecture on the market, (you could call it cloud storage 2.0), we’ve been working hard over the past months on a major update for Teamplace. We have completely overhauled Teamplace, and implemented the latest technology and standards in the field of cloud services. And that ranges from WebSockets for faster and bi-directional app communication to the use of WebP for the most efficient transmission of preview images to mobile devices. Our new microservice architecture is extremely flexible and fully scalable. This means we are future proofed and can look forward to fully meeting the demands of our rapidly growing customer base and an ever-increasing range of features that the solution offers.

Improved Performance for all Operations

Thanks to the new architecture, you can perform all Teamplace operations far faster. Whether it’s moving or copying files, viewing the contents of your team projects or up and downloading files – the performance of all major operations has been significantly improved for you and your group projects.


Overall Improvements for Better Cooperation

The activity overview has been improved, especially in terms of speed. Also dealing with moved or renamed files is now also possible. That means that you can work as usual with the Activity overview, without not being able to find files that were moved.

In addition, it’s now possible to even copy and move files between Teamplaces. An improvement to the rights system allows something that many users requested: Each team member can delete their own files and its previous versions. You can also delete your own file comments.


More Privacy for all Members of a Teamplace

With this update, we’ve also implemented a feature that really increases privacy within team projects. The e-mail addresses of the team members are no longer visible for other members. This means that you can now share files even with huge groups, without having to worry about any data protection issues. Because of this new feature, it’s important that users chose a display name and profile image in order to work better with friends, acquaintances or colleagues.


Improvements to the iPhone and iPad App

So that you can easily exchange files with your friends, family and colleagues, its important to make sure the Teamplace app on your iPhone and iPad is fully up to date.

After you update the app, you’ll notice that up and downloading is significantly improved. This however, also depends in a large part on your internet connection. With the update, you can now up and download files in the background, which means you can carry on doing what you were before, and you don’t have to wait for the operation to be completed.

In addition, you can now access Teamplace even in airplane and offline mode. This allows you to continue view all the content and documents that you previously accessed. Using 3D Touch, a forced touch on the Teamplace app on your iOS device’s home screen, you can navigate quickly to your Teamplaces.


Improvements to the Teamplace App for Android and Amazon Kindle

In order to use the Teamplace Amazon Kindle and Android app, the app also needs to be updated via the Amazon or Play store. Here, too, you can exchange files with your team even faster thanks to higher speeds for all file operations as well as up and downloads. And to make sure you can work uninterrupted during up and downloads, they now run in the background. In addition, if you have to deal with an unreliable mobile data connection, Teamplace will automatically pause up or downloads and resume them once the connection improves.