Simple Photo Transfers from a Digital Camera, GoPro or iPhone: The Unknown Photo App “Image Capture” for Macs

April 4, 2017

Save Photos in Folders Mac – Import Digital Camera Photos Mac


Mac users are known to have access to smart and useful tools. The apps provided by Apple such as Photos, iPhoto and iCloud accomplish a lot of work for their users. These tools offer you simple workflows when you transfer pictures and videos: They automatically sort images and videos by event, save the recording date, or automatically recognize the people in the Photos app on Mac.


However, these benefits quickly fade when you realize that it’s not possible at first glance to save your files to classic folders, and if you take into account that your own computer doesn’t provide enough storage for the number of transfers from your own digital camera to an app like iPhoto.



Transfer GoPro, iPhone, or Digital Camera Images and Videos to Macs and Save Them in your own Folders

Hardly anyone knows the app Image Capture, which is already installed on every iMac and MacBook. With this app, you can do exactly what you’d miss: If a digital camera, a GoPro, an iPhone or iPad is connected via USB, image and video files can be saved on the desktop and sorted into folders.


Image Capture automatically recognizes what has already been transferred and what has not yet been saved on the Mac. A really handy feature when you think about how many files are usually taken with a digital camera or GoPro.


Image Capture provides a quick overview of pictures and videos on the device – be it a digital camera or an iPhone. Mac users can quickly browse, import, or delete media to create new storage space.


Backing up image and video files in folders has also another great advantage – they are easier to share. For example, a folder with GoPro videos can simply be uploaded to a Teamplace via drag-and-drop, and friends or colleagues can also access them and admire your images and videos.