December 13, 2017

Conferences and workshops are still one of the best ways to convey new knowledge and exchange experiences. And presentations, handouts and other materials all have their role to play. However, it’s often the case that the presenter would like to provide additional material to the audience. With Teamplace, presentation documents can be easily uploaded making them instantly available to all participants.

Easily create a Teamplace and share presentations and handouts with participants

After registering at, the presenter or conference organizer can set up a place for the group and upload additional material there. This Teamplace is available for each new project for a full 90 days. Presenters can then easily create new Teamplaces for their following presentations with no addition effort.

The Teamplace is a virtual room where the presenter can upload all the presentation materials, including of course the presentation itself. Users can view these files without even having to download them first. Access is of course also possible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In order to easily share the Teamplace, an invitation link can be generated with just a few clicks, which can be passed on to the participants of the conference. This link allows other people to access the files like presenations and other documents. In combination with’s URL shortening service, the whole thing runs even smoother, as the invitation link can be shortened and even individualized.

Shorten and name links

Since the Teamplace link can be quite long, the presenter can shorten it after it has been created using

You can register free of charge with, making it possible to give the link a name that immediately shows what is to be found on the page. Ideally, the name should contain the title of the conference or presentation. The URL can be created for example like:

The shortened URL has two advantages: On the one hand, it is easier to share due to the shortness, on the other hand, presenters and the audience can easily identify which link belongs to which presentation, seminar or workshop. If someone regularly gives the same presentation, he or she can also include a reference to the date in the link name, e. g.: conferenceXY2017.

Share the Teamplace link

The presenter can then use the more practical link to Teamplace directly into his or her presentation for example. Optional documents or additional material that the audience should view after the presentation should be shared at the end of the presentation. However, if the participants should take a look at the material during the presentation, the link can also be sent in an e-mail prior to the presentation.

After the conference is before the conference

The user who has set up the Teamplace can subsequently monitor access to the documents. The Activity Stream also allows users to see which member has registered and when. In addition, he can interact with the group via the comment function. If new material is uploaded to the Teamplace, all members will be notified via e-mail. This means no new changes are ever missed. Not only the presenter, but also the participants have the opportunity to upload material. This feature is especially useful for workshops.

A Teamplace remains in place for 90 days in general. However, if this relatively long period of time is not sufficient, it can be extended for a fee. If the presenter or organizer starts a new Teamplace for a new presentation, 90 days will start again and materials can be copied from one Teamplace to the other effortlessly. This is done choosing the “copy” symbol in the page bar when the corresponding file has been selected. In the new Teamplace, this can then be inserted with the “insert” symbol.