Teamplace Now Integrates with Microsoft Office 365

April 26, 2019
Working simultaneously with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has been integrated into Teamplace, which means you can work simultaneously on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Now in Teamplace, documents can be edited directly with Microsoft Office 365. The only requirement is a valid Office 365 Business or Education account.

Teamplace users who don’t have and don’t want to buy an Office 365 license can continue using Teamplace’s known editing functions for Office 365 documents. Tip: If you work in the education field, you can usually obtain the Office 365 licenses for free. You will learn how at the end of this blog post.

Teamplace: The Easiest Way to Work on Documents Together

Teamplace has always focused on the team and the result. Teamplace is also the first choice when a team collaboratively creates or edits a presentation, a report or another document. Simply create a Teamplace, gather information, outlines and documents, invite participants and off you go.
In a Teamplace, members can work together regardless of whether they want to use Office 365 or not. This is possible because Teamplace also supports the offline editing of documents with versioning and thus ensures that documents are not accidentally deleted when uploading again. So you can download the document as desired, edit it locally and upload it again without renaming the file. Teamplace performs an automatic versioning.

The Right Editing Option for Everyone, Local or Online

If you don’t have an Office 365 license, you can use Teamplace’s online editing function. This allows the editing of documents to be really limitless and anyone who wants to deliver relevant information can individually choose his form of editing. By link, you can easily invite other editors into a Teamplace to collaborate.

Office 365 and Team Storage

Office 365 is seamlessly integrated into Teamplace. The Office 365 documents can be edited by simply clicking on the Office 365 icon and then they are available with full functionality. The document is regularly saved in the background so that users can simply close the browser window without losing anything. If another user modifies the document, this will be displayed in the view. Likewise, the document can be commented on spanning all versions. Nothing changes on mobile devices; the documents are viewed as usual, and the documents can also be edited while mobile using the corresponding apps.

Working on a Document Simultaneously

If all team members are using Office 365 to edit documents, they can work on one and the same document at the same time. A small flag marks the area being edited by a team member. You can also make comments on the document using a comment function. A window on the right side of the screen informs you about the latest activities in the team.

Teamplace & Office 365: One of the Best for Efficient Teamwork

Teamplace and Office 365 are an ideal complement for successful document work in a team. If you verify that your organization is a legitimate academic institution, you will receive the Office 365 license for free. And there are also free licenses for students and teaching staff. Find out about the terms and conditions on the site Using Office 365 free for the entire educational institution. If you do not work in an educational institution, get a valid license fast.