Free Team Online Storage for the Post-Corona Era

The new Teamplace delivers free online storage and new features to significantly simplify team collaboration

BERLIN, June 29, 2020 – Teamplace, the cloud storage for teams, has undergone a significant relaunch. Among the new features are selective synchronization via PC or Mac, a bonus model for active users as well as special packages for business users. 

With the COVID-19 lockdown, many companies and schools were looking for an uncomplicated and fast solution for exchanging data or for home schooling. With the need for business and distance learning applications, Teamplace registrations increased approximately 1,000 percent. Users recognized Teamplace as a productive, easy-to-setup and easy-to-use productivity tool. And, because Teamplace supports smartphones and tablets, it became the go-to choice for users that had no other options but to rely solely on their mobile device for their work.

The relaunch addresses many wishes of Teamplace users. Individual Teamplaces can now be synchronized with Macs or PCs if required. This not only makes local files immediately available on the smartphone, but also allows the flexibility for teams to use Teamplace as a replacement for a file server.

Teamplace is also introducing a bonus model. The more team members that accept an invitation to a Teamplace, the more Teamplaces can be set up permanently for free.

Bussiness users have four models available: Basic, Pro, Business and VDR (Virtual Data Room). These offer extended synchronization, more memory and team members, a sophisticated rights system and more importantly, professional support. For schools and universities, Teamplace offers a coordinated education package that can be requested at [email protected].

“This is the best Teamplace ever with features and pricing models for all our different customer groups,” said Benjamin Schüler, CTO at Cortado Mobile Solutions. “With synchronization, we’re placing an even greater emphasis on collaboration than ever before.”

Teamplaces can be created permanently and free of charge at

With pricing starting at about €5 for 10 users, Teamplace offers customized upgrade packages for teams.

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