File Sharing with the Right Degree of Anonymity

January 9, 2017

Share files with large groups


When it comes to providing or sharing files, the privacy of the group members should always be taken into account. If for example, a presentation is available online for people who are not familiar with each other, then you don’t want sensitive data such as e-mail addresses to be accessible to everyone in the group.


Anonymously Share with Added Value

Teamplace ensures that the e-mail addresses of the group members are unrecognizable or shows the user name that the user has set for themselves if they chose that option. This means that the users remain completely anonymous. Only the Teamplace creator can see the e-mail addresses of the members, because it is important for them to know who accesses the data. In addition, the creator has the possibility to send an e-mail directly to all members of a Teamplace.


Wide-Ranging Use

Anonymous sharing of files can be useful in many different scenarios:

  • Anonymous Teamplaces are ideal for generating leads. Manuals, brochures and other materials can be made available to a group of people. These remain completely anonymous among themselves. However, for the person providing the content, the e-mail addresses are visible so that entering into direct communication with the interested parties is easy.
  • With a Teamplace, a presentation can be made available to recipients and feedback easily collected. Everyone has access to the presentation and questions can be asked or answered via file comments.


In general, files that are used by more than one person such as schedules or timetables can be shared easily and conveniently with the help of Teamplace. There’s never any need to worry about member’s privacy being compromised because the highest levels of data protection are firmly at the core of the Teamplace solution.