Teamplace with an Even-Better Team Focus

October 9, 2018

Our experience has shown that teams rarely need unlimited storage. What matters most is that everyone can make their own contribution – permanently. That’s why we’ve decided to remove the expiry date from our free Teamplaces. With 5 GB of storage space, there’s still plenty of room for intensive collaboration and the exchange of countless team files.

The changes at a glance

From 08.10.2018, we will start with the implementation of the following innovations:

  • Unlimited duration instead of unlimited storage
    All newly created free Teamplaces will be unlimited in their duration but capped at 5 GB of storage. That 5 GB is more than enough to work together with a team of about 20 people on texts, tables and presentations, has become clear as we trialed this extensively over the course of two years. Of course, you can still delete a Teamplace manually if you like, even after 90 days. All data will then be removed from our servers as usual – just as we adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation in all other respects. After all, our business model is not to sell our users’ data, but to support our users and their teamwork in the best possible way.
  • Faster Photo Uploads
    Teamplace allows you to save photos and videos in their original format. This will also be the case in the future, but in the course of the changeover, we will also introduce photo compression during upload as a standard feature. This will speed up uploading and sharing. If you would like to continue storing original photos, you will be able to adjust this setting.
  • Myplace becomes a Teamplace
    With the switch to an unlimited duration, there is no longer any need for a separate area like Myplace to store your own files permanently. For the sake of simplicity, we will make Myplace another Teamplace. After the update, you’ll find your Myplace data in a Teamplace called Myplace, which is accessible only to you (as long as you do not invite other members). If the data volume already exceeds 5 GB, no further files can be uploaded to this Teamplace. And of course, there is still access to the existing files.

We set ourselves a lot of goals!

More than ever before, we’ll focus on supporting teams in their creative collaboration. Thousands of teams already benefit from the clear structure, versioning, file comments, mobile access as well as many other Teamplace advantages.

But that’s just the beginning. With the sharpened focus, especially on virtual teams, we’ll continue to simplify collaboration and make many boundaries disappear. At the same time, we’ll always guarantee that exchanges within a team remain simple, fast and intuitive.


Can I continue to create multiple Teamplaces?
Of course, this will not change.

What happens to my existing Teamplaces?
Teamplaces that were created before the update will be automatically converted at the end of the update period. They are valid indefinitely and have 5 GB of storage space. This also applies to Teamplaces that have expired but have not yet been deleted.

What happens if my old Teamplaces are larger than 5 GB?
You cannot upload new data to the Teamplace. Your existing data will of course be retained.

What happens to my data in Myplace?
If you have saved data in Myplace, you will find it after the update in a new Teamplace called Myplace, to which of course only you have access. If the data volume exceeds 5 GB, then no further files can be loaded into this Teamplace. You still have access to the existing files.

What can I do if 5 GB is not enough?
Just go to the corresponding Teamplace, select “Manage” and add the desired amount of storage.

Will the number of team members remain unlimited?
Yes, Teamplace can still be used with any number of users.