Virtual Workspaces Instead of VPN & Co.

With Teamplace, no VPNs or similar solutions for remote collaboration are needed. Register for Teamplace and create your own workspaces – which we call Teamplaces – with ease. Whether for the entire department, a specific project or a single work group: create as many Teamplaces as you need.

Data Sharing Made Easy

Share documents and data with colleagues, business partners or clients. Just create a separate Teamplace for each group or project, upload the documents and make them available for those intended, while assigned each user individual access permissions, if needed.

Collaboration That Goes Beyond Device Boundaries

With Teamplace you can say goodbye to device incompatibilities. Users have access to shared files from all kinds of endpoints: whether Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android, all that’s needed is an internet connection.

Work On Documents with Office 365 or Libre Office

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can all be edited directly within Teamplace. The leading Microsoft Office 365 suite is integrated, while users without a Microsoft Office 365 account can activate the free Libre Office within the Teamplace settings too.

Get Quick Feedback and Start Discussions

Want feedback on your last text document? Need input from your colleagues for your presentation? With Teamplace, collaboration takes place directly on each document. Just leave a comment and wait for a reply.

Activity Feed and Versioning for a Better Overview

Each Teamplace provides an overview over all activity. You can see, who uploaded which documents and when they edited or commented on them. If files are worked on, earlier versions of the document are still accessible via the document history.

Data Protection Compliant with GDPR

Your data is encrypted during transmission and stored securely on servers located in Germany. As a cloud provider with headquarters in Germany, we abide to strict regulations that govern the security of your data, like that of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).