Your Secure File Directory in the Cloud at the Push of Button

Whether for exchanging information with external service providers, during business negotiations, or just project work with partner companies, Teamplace’s virtual data room offers the ideal solution.

Simple Setup of Your Virtual Data Room

Teamplace guarantees a fast and fully secure setup of your data rooms. After signing up, you can easily create your virtual workspaces within minutes. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser of your choice.

Granular Rights Control

Role-based access rights ensure that confidential content is only visible to the recipients you have previously selected. As the owner of a Teamplace, you retain control at all times and can change the role of all other users when necessary. For example, you determine who can edit or only view documents.

End to Chaotic Projects

Our virtual data rooms are designed to get you working right away. Teamplace creates a structure that allows you to track all edits, comments, and file versions within an activity stream. If necessary, you can also access previous versions via the document’s history.

24/7 Access with any Device

A virtual data room gives you location independence when accessing documents and data. Your Teamplace is available around the clock from all mobile devices. This drives collaboration across company, device, and time boundaries.

Focus on Security & Privacy

Teamplace’s data rooms are protected according to the strictest security standards along the entire data chain and securely stored on servers located in Germany. As a cloud provider which is based in Germany, we also operate in full compliance with the provisions of German and EU data protection laws