Introducing: With Teamplace, join the Windows 10 Cloud and Amazon Kindle Cloud

Bring every feature you love from the Teamplace web app to your Windows 10 device with the Teamplace app for Windows 10. If you are a Kindle user, get the Teamplace app from Amazon and get more out of your e-reader.

Teamplace Amazon & Windows 10


The Teamplace app for Windows 10 can be downloaded directly from the Windows Store. Experience all features from our web app in the new native app for Windows 10. Experience the best Windows 10 Cloud now.

Pro tip: Use shortcuts to get things done faster. All common shortcuts you know, like copy, paste, select all etc., work also with the Teamplace app for Windows 10.

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You are a Kindle user? You can now install Teamplace via the Amazon store. Turn your e-reader into a collaboration tool and access all contents of your teams with the Teamplace app for Amazon. Get the best Amazon Kindle Cloud now from the Amazon store.

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