Team Communication Directly at the Document – How to Chat with Members of your Team

March 7, 2016

Teamplace has made perfect collaboration with your team its goal, no matter whether exchanging files and working together professionally with colleagues, or in your free time with friends. That’s why we’ve removed any restrictions for all projects up to 90 days. You have unlimited cloud storage and can invite as many team members as you want. File comments now include a new feature, further improving team communication.

Every Team Member Sees your Comments

Thanks to push notifications in the latest Teamplace update, you no longer miss any comments. Comments made on a file result in a notification for your team. When a team member makes a comment, you will receive a notification in the Teamplace app on your mobile device. Comments are for all versions of the file, so that a clear view of how a file developed over time is available. This makes team communication faster and easier.

All Activities and Team Communication at a Glance

In addition, a number for each Teamplace indicates new activities. Just work together online and never miss an update.  In the Activities (bell icon), you will find an overview of all activities in Teamplace.


Experience better team communication and work together online with Templace. Start now with Teamplace for Android, iPhone and iPad, or directly in the Teamplace web app.