Teamplace Data Protection

Data Protection Made in Germany

As a German company based in Berlin, we adhere strictly to the rigorous data protection laws in place within Germany and the European Union (the EU’s GDPR). In addition, all data is stored on servers, which are located in Germany. So your data and your privacy are fully protected by European and German law, widely regarded as one of the best data protection codes in the world.

Your Data Is Yours Only

We don’t sell your personal information and will never do so. All your personal data such as your e-mail address, name or profile picture are protected by European and German law. And if you want, we will fully delete your data from our servers. Unlike other services that retain control over user data on their servers, we give our users the power to decide what happens with their files.

Security for Your Data

We provide bank-level security using a 256-bit AES encryption of our customer data. The data transfer between our clients and the cloud is carried out strictly over SSL with recommended and safer algorithms. Together with our service providers, we monitor the availability of all Teamplace services around the clock. Our service provider is certified as ISO 27001 according to German IT protection.

Personal Questions about Privacy

Where is my data stored?

We are a German cloud storage provider. All Teamplace data, including your user data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany at the EU (Frankfurt) AWS site. Therefore, the European and German law in the form of the EU-GDPR and the Federal Data Protection Act applies. AWS is fully certified according to German IT protection by the TÜV Austria Group technical inspection authority (see appendix). Further, detailed information on AWS data protection can be found at:

AWS is an American company, is my data secure against access from third parties?

AWS is the Amazon Web Services cloud provider. They only provide the server – i.e., the physical infrastructure. The management of the data including its encryption is fully within control of Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of Cortado Holding AG. Both are German companies based in Berlin and pursue the highest standards when it comes to data protection. The AWS EU (Frankfurt) site offers through its high security standards an identical, if not greater standard than would be possible with a self-hosted data center in Germany.

When purchasing, I must include my payment information. Who has access to this data?

If you booked a paid service from Teamplace as an individual or as a company, the German company PayOne GmbH, majority owned by Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, carries out payment processing. A transfer of data to other companies does not take place.