Online Storage for Students – Writing Your Seminar Paper with Teamplace

October 18, 2016

Online storage for students / Software for Universities – Teamplace

Teamplace as an online storage for students makes writing your next seminar paper much easier and faster. Who isn’t familiar with this situation – the term time has just begun and all of your professors require you to write seminar papers. It’s not difficult to lose track when being faced with this. And then it simply happens – you saved the document in a wrong way, your computer crashes or there’s something going wrong while trying to activate the document. It raises one’s hackles if your seminar paper, which you have been working on for hours, has disappeared or if the file format just doesn’t work anymore.

Teamplace – your knight in shining armour

Seminar papers often mean that you’ll spend hours working on them. And that’s why it is extremely annoying if they are just not there anymore. We have all experienced a situation where the computer or laptop stops working while you are really advancing with your paper. Teamplace is the ideal solution for this. You upload your seminar paper and from that point, Teamplace saves your latest version without any help coming from your side. In this way, you never need to be scared again whether your writing gets lost due to a computer or laptop crash or a program error.

Seminar paper – no more ideas left

Everyone is familiar with this. You’re writing your seminar paper and you just can’t think of something else you could add. With Teamplace, you can make your seminar paper accessible to other users as well. It’s up to you, who can read your seminar paper. Only you can decide, who can read it and who can’t. Thus, you can always have your seminar paper being proofread by your friends on Teamplace. You can also receive helpful ideas from others. By doing so, you will certainly achieve a high grade for your seminar paper.

With Teamplaces online storage for students, your file format doesn’t matter

Often, a seminar paper isn’t written on the same computer or laptop. We are all familiar with this problem: your university uses another version of a writing program than you do at home. A constant changing of the file format, resaving etc. is necessary and eats up a lot of precious time, which you would need just as urgently to progress with your writing. With Teamplace, you save this time, because here the file format doesn’t matter. So you don’t have to spare a thought about the file format anymore and you can access your seminar paper from every computer or laptop without any problem. In addition, you have access to every single seminar paper you have written and thus the annoying search for seminar papers you have written some time ago is over.

Unfortunately, we can’t ban seminar papers from our student life, but we can make it as easy as possible. Well then, do you also think that writing a seminar paper doesn’t sound that bad anymore? With Teamplace as online storage for students or as a software for universities, you can reduce unnecessary thoughts about saving your seminar paper and instead you can completely focus on your topic.