December 3, 2015

In our tips & tricks category, we’ll take a closer look at the small and bigger features of Teamplace and give you practical advice on how to best use our cloud storage and free file sharing solution for teams. Let’s start with the basics: We’ll show you how to create your first team project and invite others to collaborate and share your contents.

To get started with Teamplace, you first need to sign up with your e-mail, no matter if you start with our web app or the apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. Don’t worry – it’s 100% free file sharing solution.

For everything you want to share with your friends or every team project with your colleagues you simply create a Teamplace. This is where you upload the contents you want to share. The best thing is that every member can upload his files as well. Limited storage is no hurdle, because every Teamplace has unlimited cloud storage.

After you created a Teamplace and upload your files, you can invite others to access your files, collaborate or upload more content by themselves. You can add team members via a personal e-mail invite or by simply sending them a link directly to the Teamplace. The invitation with a link is particularly good if you invite several people at once. Share the link to a Teamplace as you like, easiest is via a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger group for example and after one click your friends are members of your Teamplace. That’s it. Welcome to the easiest free file sharing solution.

You are then ready for the free file sharing solution Teamplace.