Far Easier Than a Photoblog: Sharing Pictures and Experiences Made Easy

May 24, 2016

Do you want to share your photos and experiences with friends and family, without any effort and to make sure that everyone is up-to-date with what you’re doing? Use Teamplace as an tumblr alternative to a photoblog, and enjoy spending more time on what you want.

Creating a photoblog? You’re on vacation – let us do the work for you

Ever been on a relaxing vacation, which slowly gets more and more stressful? All too often, friends and family at home want to be kept up-to-date with your adventures and beautiful images of faraway places.

How about creating a photoblog, making individual galleries and posts, and informing everyone when you have uploaded something new? Or sending compressed images in Messenger to different groups that don’t convey an authentic impression because of their low resolution? Both aren’t really options, and take a whole lot of time – time that can be better used on that well-deserved vacation.

Share and comment on photos: Easy with Teamplace

Teamplace makes it so simple for you to:

  • Create a Teamplace
  • Invite all those who are interested with just one swipe, via e-mail, Messenger or social networks.
  • Upload your images, whether from a laptop or directly from a smartphone.
  • Use the comment feature to tell the story behind your images. Finished!

All members of your Teamplace are now regularly kept up-to-date about new images and can respond directly to your experiences. Even in real-time if they have the Teamplace app on their smartphone.

But members of your Teamplace without the smartphone app wont miss out with daily updates via e-mail, should you have uploaded new photos.

And the best is that should you have forgotten to invite someone, other members can simply add further members. This is of course unless you want to.

Welcome home!

Even after returning home, you’ll still benefit from Teamplace. Easily download all your images in their original resolution to your PC or Mac.

And what does it all cost? Absolutely nothing apart from a whole lot of time you will save.