The cloud gets schooled: Why Teamplace is the right choice for Tablet Classes

June 29, 2016

Cloud for Schools and Tablet Classes with Teamplace

Tablets, Cloud & School – it’s all about the right combination

Used properly, tablets, apps and the cloud can enrich classes in schools. Along the way, students learn the proper use of technology, media and the Internet. A qualification that has become indispensable in today’s society.

The good news is that increasingly more digital content and learning materials are already being incorporated in the classroom. The bad news is that the number of apps and cloud solutions for the school environment can be daunting.

Below we describe how Teamplace is already being used as a cloud for schools in classes and why our cloud solution is the right choice for students of tablet classes and other modern teaching methods.

How tablet classes are already using Teamplace:

  • Access to teaching materials that the teacher makes available in Teamplace.
  • Save ongoing teaching content, e.g., in the form of a Word transcript, a photo of the board or an audio recording
  • Students exchange class content with each other
  • Collaborate on lectures or presentations with comments and file versions
  • Handing in homework in digital form
  • For presentations in class when programs like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote are not available

Why Teamplace is the right choice for tablet classes:

  • Teamplace is a german company with servers in Germany. Data and privacy are therefore protected by German law, which has one of the best data protection laws in the world. You can learn more in this post: What Are the Advantages of German Data Protection
  • Teamplace is a freemium service. Every Teamplace, so every folder that a team accesses, provides unlimited storage. We also support schools with discounts and free extensions. Simply contact us.
  • Teamplace impresses with its clear design and ease of use. There is no other service that lets you create a cloud storage folder, invite classmates and share files faster.
  • Teamplace is designed from the start for group work. Digital collaboration is made easy with file versions and file comments. Thanks to the activity stream, no group member can miss the progress, comments and questions of their classmates. That’s perfect collaboration when it comes to cloud for schools.
  • All data of a Teamplace is permanently deleted when a project is ended. The participants receive a timely email notification reminding them to save their content locally if needed.


See for yourself, the Teamplace for your class is only a few clicks away: Simply register for free, invite your  classmates and off you go.