Create Teamplaces as cloud storage for multiple users for your visions and projects

Teamplace is one of the best apps for teams who like to get work done. The centerpiece of Teamplace is its cloud storage for multiple users and team projects. Simply it’s the joint digital space where you realize your concepts and visions.

No matter how many projects you run at any one time, for each of your teams you can create a Teamplace as a cloud storage for multiple users. Perfect for working together on an art project with friends, or as a backup for your photos from your world cruise which you want to print in the future.

For each of your projects, simply create a Teamplace und invite participants to contribute. Nobody needs to make the effort to search through chaotic files anymore, everyone receives access to the relevant parts of their project. You are in control of access rights, withdrawing them as well if necessary. Teamplace is one of the perfect apps for teams.