Which platforms are supported by Teamplace?

Teamplace is available for any browser as a web app, as an app for iPhones and iPads on the App Store, and for Android devices on the Google Play.

How do file versions work?

Teamplace automatically creates versions when a file with the same name is re-uploaded. The preview always shows the current version of the file and old versions can be viewed or restored too.

How do I edit the roles and rights of the members of a Teamplace?

To change the roles of members of a team project, you need to be either an “Owner” or “Host”. You can edit the roles right here or via the “Manage” button in the info dialog of a Teamplace.

Which roles are there?

The Owner has full control over the Teamplace, its members and contents. Only the owner can upgrade a Teamplace.

The Host has full control over members and contents, can delete files and folders, but cannot delete the whole Teamplace.

The Inviter is a member with rights to read, write and delete and who is also able to invite others.

The Writer is a member with rights to read and write content. Writers have no permission to invite others or to delete files.

The Reader is a read-only member. A reader is not able to upload any content, but is able to download and comment on contents.

Why can't I delete a file?

Only people with the roles Owner and Host can delete any file or file version. Team members with other roles can only delete files that they have upload themselves.

How do I notify all members of a Teamplace at once?

If your full team has installed the Teamplace mobile apps, everyone will get a notification on their device when you comment on any file.

How can I prevent members of my Teamplace from inviting more people to it?

In the info dialog of the Teamplace the “invitation via link” checkbox must be deactivated. If you add users via email, you should also clear the checkbox “New members can add other people to this Teamplace”.

Members with the Reader or Writer roles cannot invite more people. Change the roles of members right here.

Do you have questions about the payment and upgrading of Teamplaces?

Find the payment and upgrading FAQ right here.

Which browsers support folder or file upload using drag and drop?

The following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox support the upload via drag and drop reliably. Safari supports drag-and-drop uploading of individual files only. Internet Explorer does not support this functionality.

How do I use an upgrade code?

If you have an upgrade code, you can find a step-by-step guide on our website.

Why can't you unzip some downloaded zip files correctly on Macs?

There may be occasional errors when unpacking zip files using Apple’s default program on a Mac. A cpgz file is generated, which cannot be unpacked. To unzip them correctly, we recommend the free apps iZip or Unarchiver.

How do I upload 360° photos and 360° videos to Teamplace?

Just upload 360° photos and 360° videos as you upload any other content to Teamplace. You can use one of our apps like the web app in any browser or the apps for iOS and Android. Teamplace automatically detects 360° images and videos after uploading and you can view them directly in our apps.

See the FAQs to confirm if your camera is supported by Teamplace or if your 360 ° photos and videos meet the requirements for the 360° view.

Why is my 360° content not displayed correctly?

Teamplace basically supports images and videos from the following cameras:

• Ricoh Theta S
• LG 360 CAM
• Samsung Gear 360
• Panono
• Nikon Keymission 360

Please note, that we strongly recommend a WiFi connection when streaming 360° videos.

However, it is quite possible that your 360° camera content will work with Teamplace even we do not specifically support it. Just check out the FAQs to see if your 360° photos and videos meet the requirements for the 360 ° view at Teamplace or try it out for yourself.

What are the requirements for my 360° content to display it in VR mode?

Teamplace determines that a files is 360° content if it matches certain requirements. This so-called meta data is stored in the EXIF/XMP part of a file. Make sure your contents have the ProjectionType = equirectangular. We support the following file formats for 360° photos: jpeg, gif and png. Images may not exceed a resolution of 16384×8192 pixels. For 360° videos, we support MP4 with h.264 (avc1) codec. The maximum supported resolution is 4096×2160 pixels and those videos must always have a 2:1 aspect ratio. Only if these prerequisites are fulfilled, Teamplace can recognize and display 360° images or videos. Photoshop and ExifTool are popular programs for editing metadata of photos and videos.

Why is my 360° photo or video with the Safari browser on a Mac not displayed or showing a blacked out screen?

Viewing 360° photos and videos is currently not available on Macs using Safari. Please use a different browser like Google Chrome.

How do I change the e-mail associated with my Teamplace account?

If you want to change the e-mail associated with your Teamplace account, please write a short e-mail to [email protected].

How do I delete my account?

If you want to delete your Teamplace account, please write a short e-mail to [email protected].