Provide a Home for your Construction and Project Data

Field reports, blueprints, site plans, specifications, technical drawings, contracts, pictures – there’s an endless amount of files architects have to deal with each and every day. Teamplace gives your team the perfect home for all this data. Each team member can store, access, and share files from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Easy Collaboration with Coworkers and Clients

Follow up your construction projects with your staff, share information with clients, or process trade contracts – Teamplace makes teamwork and file sharing really easy. For each party, you can set up and share separate Teamplaces. So internal and external information won’t get mixed up.

Made in Germany Plus German Data Protection

As a German cloud storage provider for architects and planners, we adhere fully to Germany’s and the EU’s data protection laws, knows as among the strongest in the world. This means your data couldn’t be in better hands. Access is password-protected and you have full control over members of a team project.

File Comments for Fast Communication

Internal and external communication with Teamplace takes place where it matters most – directly at your document. With file comments, you can easily gather feedback on your content or delegate the next tasks. Since every member is also notified of a new comment through the notifications in the app, communicating document updates via file comments is easy.

Automatic File Versioning

If a file is overwritten in a Teamplace, Teamplace automatically backs up the previous version with the appropriate version number. This allows you to identify, view, and restore earlier versions of the file at any time.

Always Up to Date

Did the supervisor upload the site plan? Was there an update on the specifications document? Did the client comment on the latest pictures? The activity stream within each Teamplace will keep everyone up to date.

Edit Documents On Site

Want to adjust a calculation, add an item to the to do list, or revise the latest timetable on site? Thanks to the Libre Office integration, you can edit documents directly within the Teamplace web app. So you and your co-workers can work on the same file without any up and downloads.