Back-To-School: Return to Classrooms with Full Digital Support. Get your 10% Discount Now

August 17, 2020

We want to support schools resuming on-site teaching with a 10% discount for our education plan.

Student heading back to school with many books in her hand.
For many pupils worldwide, the summer holidays are over and it’s back to the classroom.

Why Teamplace Is the Ideal Accompaniment to Face-To-Face Teaching

Along with the summer holidays, homeschooling has also come to an end. After a long period away from the classroom, pupils are now required to head back to school in many countries.

Teamplace has proven its worth as a digital workspace for schools and classes – and not just since the onset of COVID-19. For face-to-face teaching, Teamplace is also an ideal companion. 

1. One Central Hub for All Course Content and Homework

Teachers can upload files, share them with each class member, and create dedicated file rooms for each of their classes and courses. With Teamplace, you’re always prepared, even in the event of a return to homeschooling, as all your teaching resources are always easily available.

2. Anyplace, Anytime Access with all Devices

All students need is the Internet to access study materials, no matter if they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Using the Teamplace app or a web browser, course members can access their Teamplaces with just a few clicks.

3. Foster Digital Collaboration in Times of Social Distancing

Especially due to social distancing guidelines, tasks which require a division of responsibilities play a special role in promoting social interaction between students. With Teamplace, students can gather their contributions online, work together on projects, and exchange information about their files.

4. Share Editable Worksheets at Home, Even Without a Printer or Office Program

Thanks to the Office-suite integration, neither students nor teachers need a device with Microsoft Office software to work on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. Printing out handouts for each student is not necessary. Tasks and worksheets can be easily created, opened, and edited online in Teamplace.

5. 100% GDPR Compliant!

With Teamplace, schools and other educational institutions are on the safe side when it comes to data protection. As a company with headquarters and server locations within Germany, we comply with all regulations of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Tailor-Made for the Educational Sector

Discover for yourself what opportunities Teamplace offers for educational institutions. Starting on Teamplace is free of charge. Sign up and get 2 x 5 GB workspaces for up to 10 members. These are perfect for working in small groups.

For additional or larger working groups, we offer the education plan, a tailor-made package exclusively for the educational sector. The monthly, flexible subscription includes:

  • a 10 GB workspace
  • for up to 75 pupils (or students)
  • for only 10 Euro per month

Sign up and get started for free.

Save Your 10% Discount Now!

If you order by September 30, 2020 you will receive a 10% discount for our education plan. All you need is an official e-mail address of your school, college or university. Just use the form below to and we will send you your discount code within the shortest possible time.