iOS 10 Rumor Mill: 5 Ingredients for Better Teamwork

May 2, 2016

iOS 10 – Ingredient 1: Improved iMessage

Apple made the last big changes to its iMessage app in 2014. Since then a lot has happened in the messenger field. WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook have more features than iMessage. Apple should do better here.

We imagine Message Extensions allowing the users to send content from Teamplace simply via iMessage. This also provides benefits for the use of other services. For example, the user could share tweets in native preview or send images from one of the many GIF apps via iMessage.

Why does iMessage only have the ability to send one photo? That is clearly too few. A document picker in iMessage would be perfect for easily sending files from the Teamplace app. How practical would it be to be able to share everything via iMessage, whether it be maps, routes, videos, GIFs or other files?

Every modern messaging app can provide a sizable preview for shared links. We would like that for iMessage too. The sharing of invitations via WhatsApp and the like already look very good. In our view, only iMessage is still far removed from its own Apple level.

iOS 10 improved iMessage


iOS 10 – Ingredient 2: More interaction with notifications

With the interactive notifications, Apple already offers the ability to quickly and easily react to incoming emails, messages and more. However, its current implementation seems like a rush job. Here, Android shows how to do it better.

Instead of, for example, showing only two lines of an email, it would be more practical to see the entire email after tapping on the notification. Here, we would simply like more options for fast interaction, for example, to label emails or accept calendar invitations.

For example, when one team member comments on a file, it would be great as a direct answer to be able to push the current version of the file into the cloud – without any major detours, directly from the notification.


iOS 10 – Ingredient 3: The improved sharing function

The sharing of content on iOS is a very important function it enables better teamwork and easier file handling. Because what user wouldn’t want to be able to easily bring different files and content from one app into another?

It’s a shame that Apple has given this function such little space and a peculiar operation. We want iOS 10 to have a better structured sharing menu, which shows only the apps that are compatible with the shared content.


iOS 10 – Ingredient 4: Split screen also within an app

The split screen is nothing new for iPad users und it is a boon for many because app multitasking is so much easier from your fingertip. But we don’t understand why Apple allows split-screen view only between different apps.

Who wouldn’t like to compare two versions of one document in Pages or check sources in Safari directly on Wikipedia? So far, doing so at the same time has not been possible. For Teamplace, it would be fabulous to be able to upload files on one screen and add the team members on another.


iOS 10 split screen within one app

iOS 10 – Ingredient 5: More customization with a custom control center

Something that every iPhone owner envies about Android users are the numerous options for customizing shortcuts. The iOS Control Center has definitely earned an update and more latitude for customization. Perhaps to not only switch the Wi-Fi connection on and off, but also to select the appropriate network at the same time.

Instead of Bluetooth controls, a Quick Link to activate the location tracking? The weather forecast is more interesting than the calculator? There are no limits on imagination here. We would most prefer to be able to access Teamplaces via Force Touch and Quick Link in Control Center.



We are excited about the WWDC and the discoveries that await us. Until then we will continue to follow the rumor mill and recommend this concept video from designer Sam Beckett on iOS 10.