Manage your team and invite others to share files within a Teamplace

The search for the right files and sending files back and forth now belongs to the past. With Teamplace share big files easily, upload photos and share them in seconds with everyone in your team cloud (we call that a Teamplace). Your team members receive a personal invitation to their Teamplace on the channel which suits them best. You are social media specialists and work mainly on Facebook? No problem – invite your colleagues directly via Facebook to your Teamplace. If you mainly communicate on WhatsApp, send them the invitation directly there. Of course, you can send the invitation to your team cloud also with a link and e-mail and add a personal message. You decide who will receive access to Teamplace. You can also hand the rights over to one or multiple members of your team. They can then flexibly invite further members to your team cloud. And you have more time for important things and no longer need to worry about file sharing.