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Shared projects or file sharing with a team is now easier than ever. Create Teamplaces for your projects and connect with friends, family or colleagues in seconds. You don’t even need to know all their e-mail addresses, other Teamplace members can simply forward on your invite to their contacts.

Unlimited Storage

No matter how big your groups or data are – thanks to unlimited storage space for every Teamplace, exchanging files and working together on documents, presentations and plans couldn’t be easier.

Unlimited Cloud Storage for Teams
Privacy is Our Priority

Privacy is Our Priority

Vacation snaps, songs or project data are often quickly uploaded to the cloud and shared. All too often, this data remains there months and years later, forgotten about but still in existence. Teamplace takes a radically new approach – after 30 days, the contents of your Teamplace are completely deleted unless you decide to extend your Teamplace’s validity.


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  • With Teamplace, all versions of a file are fully accessible at all times

    Teamwork without chaos thanks to full file versioning

    Emma and Philip use Teamplace, because as students they don’t want to deal with data chaos when it comes to assignments and lectures.

    Thanks to Teamplace every version of a document is accessible at all times making teamwork open and easy.

  • We delete your data after 30 days unless you decide to extend your Teamplace's validity

    Your contents don’t get stuck in the cloud

    Marco uses Teamplace because the photos of his last ski trip don’t belong permanently in the cloud, but in a personal photo album.

    Teamplace automatically deletes all content when you no longer need it.

  • Each Teamplace offers unlimited cloud storage for a full 30 days

    Every Teamplace has unlimited storage

    Daniel uses Teamplace because even the largest video files can be easily and securely shared without having to pay for it.

    Teamplace allows for the convenient exchange of files with unlimited storage.



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